How to Reuse Dead Flowers

Do not want to throw the flowers presented by your dear ones? The bright colors of the flowers can be applicable anytime and for any purpose even after it gets dry. Now if your flowers are dried do not worry, the flowers you received through Flowers delivery from your special ones can be preserved for long term with few steps of reusing the dried flowers.


Now send flowers to your loved ones on the special occasion like birthday or anniversary and give them a beautiful memory to preserve for a long time span. You must be wondering how you can keep the flowers for long time. It is obvious to have this doubt in your mind, to your surprise; you can preserve the flower event after it gets dry with the best use again solutions. To know the solutions to recycle the flower, read more

Make a flower picture with the press method

Step 1: flat the dry or dead flowers with an easy step that is press the flower between the pages of old books. To press the book places a heavy thing on the top of the book. Now keep the flowers pressed for few days to get the proper flatness.

Step 2: now after several days check out your book. Now place a glass or a transparent sheet over the flower to give a frame to the flower. Arrange the flower the way you want it to look like and cut out the extra part of frame if there. Now to stick the flowers, you can use few drops of glue. Place the acrylic glazing or a glass into the frame.

Step 3:To protect the flower arrangement from moisture place a small packet of silica gel behind the board of your frame. Now cover the silica with the cardboard so that it stays on the assembled place. Make sure the silica does not fall and will not be visible from your frame. This might make the frame look mess. Your pressed flower frame is all set to present it to your dear ones or to decorate your own house wall. Now, send flowers with this unique decoration and arrangement!
Some important tips you must look at:
Use an old, undesired book to press the flower. This is because, it creates impression on the pages, and thus, your book if important should not get damage.

Keep the heavy material on the top of the book and not on the pages where you have placed your flowers.

To give your arrangement proper edge and balance, first stick the flowers on a mat plastic paper on the desires place and then go to the further framing process.

Do not use the big packet of silica get. Use small ones because it will then need bigger place to arrange it.

Flowers delivery

Now on the special occasion of your dear ones, flower delivery is even simpler with this type of unique gifts. Send flowers to you special ones with this unique and reused flower arrangement. This flower arrangement will last for long time, so your memories are always alive with this flower arrangement!


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